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"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself" Mark 12:31

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A Brief History of Craftsman For Christ Texas
Non profit

As an outreach of Alvin Community Outreach 501c3, in 2014 volunteers began serving in relief efforts following natural disasters along the gulf coast. After several years doing disaster relief, Houston suffered one of the most devastating hurricanes in US history. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey found us serving in our own back yard. It was during this time we encountered another 501c3 organization from California called Craftsmen for Christ. They served with great compassion and we were inspired to rename our disaster relief work after them. In 2018 we officially started Craftsmen for Christ Texas. Still operating under Alvin Community Outreach 501c3, Craftsmen for Christ Texas has continued to streamline volunteer efforts to be the most efficient we can possibly be. When a disaster happens, we deploy teams, resources and a process of managing online disaster relief requests for the public as well as managing online volunteers. Using the work request system as the tasks and the volunteer system as the resources, we efficiently assign volunteers with task to implement immediate relief to the communities impacted.

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Craftsman For Christ Texas

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